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Can I please get a refund? I bought this App on App Store two days ago, I have spent hours trying to make this work but it doesn't. Customer service here is required please. I don't have time for this and I just want my money back. I may come back at this App in the future, when is fixed. But for now, I seriously don't want to deal with all these complains and bug fixing process.
Oscar G. Arreola http://tracker.peritum.net/:188
FS#164: Adding a predecessor scrambles want chart in UI 2015-12-11T16:41:57Z 2015-07-27T14:28:52Z
Adding a new predecessor crashes the tool.
Steps to recreate:
1. Creating a new project file
2. Adding a task
3. Adding second task and defining first task as predecessor

-> Gantchart gets scrambled, application has to be closed and reopened to be displayed correctly again. Closing just the project file and reopening does not solve the issue
Dennis Bieling http://tracker.peritum.net/:164
FS#161: Task Entry 2015-07-27T14:34:23Z 2015-01-02T20:52:09Z
When I enter a task both the start calendar and the end calendar shows open to make a selection. Also the closure icon is missing for once the task is created
William Motley http://tracker.peritum.net/:161
FS#158: PDF Report un openable in Yosemite or other readers 2015-01-02T20:49:18Z 2014-10-25T00:54:29Z
I just purchase Project Planner and good so far but I want to send a copy to a colleague - the mac preview says the exported pdf file is damaged and other pdf readers downloaded just hang - please can you sort out this important feature ASAP
Andy Knight http://tracker.peritum.net/:158
FS#154: Project Report is not created 2014-11-18T21:29:13Z 2014-10-17T15:44:02Z
there is no report created
martin http://tracker.peritum.net/:154
FS#141: Task does not change color 2014-10-10T12:29:15Z 2013-10-04T15:23:20Z
The task colour option does not work on OSX version 1.3.2 despite reports that it does. I am using MAC OSX 10.8.5.
Rocco http://tracker.peritum.net/:141
FS#144: How to add summary 2014-01-09T10:24:46Z 2013-12-06T17:16:34Z
Hi, i'm not able to include summary tasks

FERRAN CALATAYUD http://tracker.peritum.net/:144
FS#145: Crashes when connecting tasks if (i believe) too many tasks 2014-01-09T10:24:08Z 2013-12-20T09:59:47Z

I bought this product recently. I have a project with 55 tasks. When doing things like connecting tasks this results in crashes all the time.
My belief is that your software can not handle such a number of tasks very well. That is disappointing.
Any fixes for this coming soon?

Erik Saastad
Erik Saastad http://tracker.peritum.net/:145
FS#142: App doesn't Download from the Apple Store 2014-01-02T12:21:31Z 2013-10-20T20:17:33Z
After trying to install, erase the icon as well as reinstall the APP; I'm still waiting the App download to my Mac.
Carlos http://tracker.peritum.net/:142
FS#137: Cannot assign color to tasks on v1.3.1 2013-09-19T21:02:04Z 2013-09-12T18:42:32Z
After the color is selected and the task window closed, the color defaults back to black always.
Oscar Anzola http://tracker.peritum.net/:137