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With Ios Version 12.0.1 the app opens but does not react anymore, that means i cant open any project or do anything in the menue else
Eric http://tracker.peritum.net/:193
FS#152: Cannot update after ios 8 2014-09-22T08:53:57Z 2014-09-21T04:18:10Z
I have a problem in updating project planner after ios 8. And cannot redownload it again. Pls help kindly advise on this.
Kraisit Vittinanon http://tracker.peritum.net/:152
FS#113: Default Task Time selection 2013-01-13T17:38:19Z 2012-11-14T15:15:07Z
Now that Project Planner supports hours/minutes as well as days it is going to be difficult for those who plan projects in days if the date/time always defaults to the current time. (Manually selecting 00:00 for every task that isn't dependant on another will get annoying really quickly!)

I think there are three prossible solutions:

1. Allow planning in hours/minutes to be swithced on or off for each project
2. Add a button to allow 00:00 to be quickly selected for all new tasks/items
3. Automatically select 00:00 for all new items and provide a control to quickly select the current time

(I prefer option 2 or 3)
Mike http://tracker.peritum.net/:113
FS#118: Start Date offered on creation of Task 2013-01-13T17:38:07Z 2012-11-15T12:39:17Z
On creating a new task, the default start date is "Today".

It would be preferable (to me) to offer the first day of the project by default with a button providing the ability to select 'Today' if required.

(Using 'Today' in a project that has a start date set in the future means that the start date is adjusted to today's date which will then need fixing)

An alternative approach may be to keep the date selection as it is but provide a warning dialog box if the start (or end) date of the project is going to be adjusted by the selection being made for the task.
Mike http://tracker.peritum.net/:118
FS#30: Improve PDF graphics 2013-01-08T12:21:26Z 2010-10-16T23:28:10Z
Could you get the image quality from the HD screen to appear on the PDF
Paul McGlone http://tracker.peritum.net/:30
FS#13: Push notification 2012-12-17T11:32:35Z 2010-01-03T13:39:32Z
Add push notification for up coming milestones
Tomasz Wojtkowiak http://tracker.peritum.net/:13
FS#106: Can't open project planner on iphone4 or ipad3 (both ios6) 2012-11-26T12:31:21Z 2012-09-25T23:55:59Z
Hi when clicking on project planner on either device, get the blue plush screen and then app crashes out, back to the device folder/app screen. Is this an IOS6 feature? If not how do I reset the app. Thanks.
Richard Calladine http://tracker.peritum.net/:106
FS#111: Dependency line from bottom task drawn too far down the page 2012-11-26T12:24:53Z 2012-11-14T14:55:47Z
When making a task in the list dependent on the task at the bottom of the list, the source of the dependency line is drawn from a point too far down the page (it is drawn from the line where "Add Task" would be displayed in 'Edit' mode).


Create a new Project
Create Task 1
Create Task 2
Edit Task 1 to add a Dependency on Task 2
- Dependency line drawn from line 3 to Task 1
Mike http://tracker.peritum.net/:111
FS#109: Tast -> Summary Button incorrectly labelled 2012-11-26T12:24:38Z 2012-11-14T14:19:57Z
On the 'Tasks' page the "+" button offers buttons to create "Task" or "Milestone" objects.

Selecting the "Milestone" button creates a "Summary" item.

Either the button label is wrong or it does the wrong thing.
Mike http://tracker.peritum.net/:109
FS#115: Dependencies don't honour 'Delay' after a milestone 2012-11-26T12:24:21Z 2012-11-14T17:42:37Z
When creating a task that has a dependency on a milestone, it is not possible to set the Delay.

(The delay is pretty much always 0 on the Gantt chart but it is shown as 1d in the dependency definition screen.
Mike http://tracker.peritum.net/:115